What’s the cost for closing a revolving credit card?

I have noticed a lot of what I consider bad advice regarding closing credit cards to save an annual fee associated with some credit cards. The FICO scoring model subtracts points every time you open or close a revolving credit account. The longer a revolving account is open; the FICO scoring model rewards you with […]

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Debt Collectors Halted; Pay $42 Million to Consumers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:September 9, 2015 CONTACT:Office of CommunicationsTel: (202) 435-7170 Prepared Remarks of Richard Cordray Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Encore and Portfolio Recovery Associates Enforcement Action  Washington, D.C. September 9, 2015 Thank you all for joining us on this call.  Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking action against Encore Capital Group and Portfolio […]

TOP 26 “Myth-Conceptions” of Credit

The media, newspapers and internet are full of incorrect information regarding Credit. One of the things that I want to make available to your clients, family and friends, and everyone else whose financial lives that you touch, are certain facts about credit that will affect them and any financial decision that they have made or about to make. […]