Premara Blue Cross Breach

Premara Blue Cross Breach

Premara warns consumers to watch for warning signs of Identity Theft. It was announced this breach effected 11 Million members and hackers gained access to member information including medical information, claims information, member identification number and in some cases bank account information as well as family members name, address, email address cell phone numbers, date of birth, full social security numbers.

To date this is the widest medical security breach as opposed to other medical insurers breach; the hackers did not capture member identification numbers or claims and medical history information.

Members should be warned about any phone calls, or emails claiming to be from Premara or Blue Cross. Premara has established a dedicated phone number for members. The number is 1-800-768-5817.

As a precaution members should take advantage of the two year free credit monitoring that Premara is offering and be alert for any collection calls or new accounts that appear on your consumer credit report that you did not open or do not belong to you.

Medical Identity Theft is also a concern for consumers and consumers should be aware that for this particular breach check for and report immediately any suspicious activity regarding any new medical providers or receiving co-pays due for new Doctor, Emergency room or Urgent Care Clinic charges that were not incurred by you or your family.

It is also a good idea to monitor your Explanation of Benefits page to make sure that the charges were for services you received.

Report any suspicious activity immediately by contacting your insurer on the number on the back of your insurance card.

There is no 100% protection from any type of Identity Theft, however you may become proactive and catch it early enough to stop it from progressing any further.

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