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Credit ratings/reports impact every facet of both our personal and if self employed business life! If you have ever been denied a loan or opening a utility account due to your credit, then you already know the importance your credit profiles have in your life.

The scary truth is most consumers don’t know how credit works or even what that magical score really means. The “DIY CREDIT RESTORATION” book demystifies your credit profile for you. This book will also give you a legal foundation  to dispute inaccurate or outdated information on your consumer credit reports using the same letters a consumer law firm uses.

The purpose of writing DIY CREDIT RESTORATION was to explain the process to consumers that could then do this on their own and not pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to a “credit repair” company for a service that a consumer may do themselves. Very few “credit repair” companies will even provide a consumer the letters sent out on their behalf, which makes it difficult for a consumer to keep track of a dispute or know what is truly happening behind the scenes. Many of the “credit repair” companies use the same letters that the bureaus reject on the basis that it is from a “credit repair” company and the dispute goes nowhere, and the consumer is no better off than when the process started. Not to mention the cost of the ‘service”.